Truecaller! An app that has given women a sense of safety and security

Today, every smartphone user in India are well known of ‘Truecaller’, a Swedish company behind the phone number identification app with the same name. With data connectivity switched on, identifying the caller whose contact details are not stored in your phone is no tedious task now. The caller name automatically appears on your phone. All you need to do is to install the ‘Truecaller’ app and have your internet connection on.

There was a time when women used to get alert on receiving an unidentified call. They felt a threat. Today, she receives a call and she feels relaxed because there is an app sitting at the core of her phone which keeps its eyes open to identify the caller and display his name on her phone’s screen. The app has given her a sense of safety and security.

Nami Zarringhalam, co-founder of Truecaller said in an interview to The Hindu, “About half of the Swedish start-up’s 200 million users are in India.” Nami considers India to be the most important market in terms of size, market penetration and monetization. Collection of user data is flexible. An user can opt in or out at any point of time. “I do believe regulations around the world are going to be tightened up in the coming five to ten years. Privacy is one of the things we put our bet on”, Nami said to The Hindu.

(Image Courtesy: Techcrunch)

The Author, Vishal Anand, is a Tech blogger. He is presently working with a Maharatna company.

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