Does your child use internet to search for information? This is what you must suggest your kid.

In the world of internet, webpages are loaded with varying contents. Adult content and pornography have started floating all over the internet. So, beware! Your child may be at risk of being attacked by an unwanted intruder when he/she searches for some information. Being a parent, it is your responsibility to block these adult contents to protect your child. Now, you need not worry for this because “Kiddle” is out there at your disposal.

Kiddle is a Child-Friendly Search Engine to filter out adult content. Kiddle features a logo similar to that of the search giant, Google. It uses a Google Custom Search bar, which is embedded in the site, to filter out adult content. But Kiddle is not affiliated to Google.

Along with the blocking of explicit search contents, Kiddle also blocks certain celebrities which could lead to adult content being displayed- such as Sunny Leone. The picture below shows what kiddle result shows when ‘Sunny Leone’ is searched.

kiddle sunny leone
Kiddle’s logo uses the same colours as Google, but replaces the traditional white background with an outer space theme, complete with a friendly robot.

Now, with Kiddle you can be at peace when your kid is on internet.


The Author, Vishal Anand, is a Tech blogger working for a Maharatna Company.

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One thought on “Does your child use internet to search for information? This is what you must suggest your kid.

  • March 4, 2016 at 10:56 pm

    Parents are always concerned about child’s online behavior. This post is very useful as parents these days are torn between conflicting situations of allowing considerable leeway to their child and still keeping them safe online.

    After reading this, I went on to try ‘Kiddle’. I must say, great way to let your child be curious and that too without being labelled as ‘helicopter parents’ 😉

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