The inspiration women who beats cancer and paralysis to win gold medals. Salute to her determination.

LazreenaMeet  Lazreena Bajaj won a gold medal in her first professional cycling race in June 2014 — the Peloton Riders 40km criterium in Delhi IG stadium. This year she has bagged two medals in long-distance races, one in Rajasthan and the other in last weekend’s mountain biking event in Gurgaon. 

The journey of Lazreena’s success has not been simple. She has shaped her destiny by her strong determination and is now the inspiration to all women. Lady Floor salutes her never give-up attitude. Read her story that explains her status as an ‘Inspiration Lady’.

Lazreena had a partial paralysis attack after the birth of her son in 2007.Just as she was on the path to recovery, Lazreena was diagnosed with breast cancer the year after. 

By her strong determination and resilience she was successful in defeating both of these diseases. But another problem fell upon her. She had gained excess weight that marred her capability of doing work. Her body weight shot up because of a heavy dose of steroids.Two years ago she weighed 96 kg. “I used to think I will run and shed the flab in two to three months. I started to run but I couldn’t. I could only walk but not too fast. At that point I realized this is not going to be an easy journey. After trying jogging and walking, she gave cycling a try Jan 2014 as found it to be an excellent cardio exercise that was also hard on her body. It was slow gains at first. “I would cycle once or twice a week but wasn’t regular. I used to feel very weak and worn out,” says Lazreena to Times Of India.

It was in 2014 that she began cycling on a serious note. Initially she had to face the reluctance of her in-laws and husband but soon the family bowed to her resolve.

Lazreena is an example to those household women who do not take their health  on a serious note. “I want to bring laurels to my country. I have a big list of cycling races and expeditions I want to explore,” she says to Times Of India.

Lady Floor urges to all the ladies to draw inspiration from Lazreena and take due care of their health. After all health is the real wealth.

Image: Times Of India 

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